Biggest Loser Goes From Six to Five

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Hi Everyone!

Last night was the Biggest Loser makeover show. They take the remaining contestants and have them, yep, made over! I thought that Rudy and Danny were the most changed. Much against his will, Rudy had his beard and mustache shaved off and Danny’s hair lost all it’s gray. Everyone looked amazingly better after the makeover–duh.

The contestants are surprised at being reunited with their families. I don’t really think they are surprised though because every year they are reunited with their families after their makeovers. Afterwards, they get up on a stage and tell their weight gain and loss stories to an audience.

Next came a challenge to win a two week stay at the Biggest Loser’s new spa. To be honest, I’m not sure I would want to win that! But anyway, the contestants had to pull their way across a canyon–a really high canyon. Liz was the only one afraid of heights, but she stuck to it and made it across. Rudy took an early lead and won making this his second challenge win in a row. I was sitting there thinking about how strong Allen is and how come he’s not doing better in challenges, when “presto!” Bob asks Allen that very same question. Allen tells him he’s playing the game. Really? Is he trying to say he threw the last two challenges? He might be saying that but I don’t really believe him. Why would he do that? How’s that going to help him win at this point?

Last chance workouts are hard (not that they aren’t always)–but especially because the contestant’s spent so much time away from the ranch this week. I was surprised to see that there was no advantage for anyone at this week’s weigh in.

At the weigh-in’s, Danny and Rudy pull big numbers. Allen loses five pounds but is concerned that his number won’t be enough to keep him above the yellow line. The women are next. Amanda pulls off a really good number losing 9 pounds this week. Liz and Rebecca don’t make it above the yellow line. With the way the house is divided, it seems pretty evident that Liz will remain on the ranch and sure enough, Rebecca is voted off. She has some kind of weird confrontation with Rudy before she leaves. Rudy says he can’t trust her and she can’t figure out why he’s saying that. I really can’t figure out why he said that either. The after pictures of Rebecca are amazing.

There are just two shows left to the finale. Next week, Biggest Loser will catch up to some of the past season’s contestants (good and bad). That should be interesting–there is always one big weight gainer.

Sorry, I had to cut this short this week–too much going on. Wish your Bloggergal a happy 50th birthday! I know-50!!! How the heck did that happen? Have a great week and stay tuned….Bloggergal1

Biggest Loser Eliminates Two

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Allison starts the show by telling the contestants that two of them will go home this week. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss this week will be below the RED line and will be automatically eliminated. Then a second person will be eliminated by contestant vote.

The first challenge will give a one pound advantage. Everyone is very anxious to win. All they have to do is take tennis balls off a board and fill a container that’s across the way. There are fifty tennis balls all together. The person with the most stamina will win this thing. Liz and Amanda can’t play due to medical reasons. It quickly becomes a competition between Rebecca and Allen with Rudy pretty close behind. Allen wins by only a second or two.

Jillian and Bob are very concerned that Shay will end up below the red line this week and be automatically eliminated. They are going to try to do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Jillian especially doesn’t think that Shay will succeed if she leaves the ranch. Jillian works her hard and Shay is totally determined.

The challenge for immunity involves jumping through your opponents hoop. After 100 times, that player is out. Shay and Rudy end up having a fight. Rudy seemed to make an agreement with Shay at the beginning of the challenge, but in the end Rudy stuck with Danny and eliminated Shay. Rudy wins the competition and won’t be eliminated this week.

The alliances have come down to old against young. Liz, Allen, Danny and Rudy are team members against Shay, Daniel, Rebecca and Amanda. The young ones sneak gym equipment up to Shay’s room so that they can workout during the evening and trick the older contestants. Sneak the gym equipment into Shay’s room? Now how in the world did they do that?

Bob takes the contestants to a trapeze workout. At first, I thought it didn’t look like it would provide much of a workout but I was wrong. After Bob’s last chance workout, Jillian takes a shot at the contestants. As usual, she uses her gentle, training methods! LOL

Weigh-in time. Everyone is worried about that red line. Someone is out of there in a few minutes! Rudy, with immunity lost 8 pounds this week. Shay is up next. The record for a female to lose 100 pounds on Biggest Loser is 12 weeks. If Shay loses 17 pounds this week, she will beat that record by losing 100 pounds in only 9 weeks. She doesn’t think she can do it, but she loses exactly 17 pounds! Good for her. Amanda lost 5 pounds this week. She’s worried if it’s good enough to keep her above the red and the yellow lines. Rebecca lost 10 pounds. Danny is next. He lost 17 pounds! I love Danny. He has such a good personality and he’s such a good family man. He is definitely safe this week. Allen lost 10 pounds this week. It’s not enough to keep him safe yet, but Rebecca is now safe and Amanda is below the yellow line. Liz needs a big number to remain on the ranch. She lost 12 pounds. I didn’t think she could have done that! I was shocked. This keeps her safe, but puts Shay below the yellow line. That really stinks. She did so well this week, this game could be so unfair. Daniel is last. It comes down to either him or Amanda falling below the red line. If he loses more than 6 pounds, Amanda goes home immediately. He only lost five pounds and this puts him below the red line. Daniel is a great kid. My tears are flowing. I like Amanda but I would have rather seen her leave than Daniel.

So Daniel going home leaves Amanda and Shay below the yellow line. To me, this is a no-brainer. Amanda has to be voted off. But I guess we’ll see in the next few minutes. Rebecca voted to eliminate Shay because Amanda was her partner throughout this game. Allen votes to eliminate Shay. Danny votes to eliminate Amanda. Liz votes to eliminate Amanda. This makes it two votes for Shay and two votes for Amanda. It’s up to Rudy. He votes to eliminate Shay. I didn’t agree with this vote at all. Of course, I’m looking at it from a weight loss perspective and not a game perspective. I sure hope she can continue to lose weight after the show.

This was a very sad week for me to watch. I love both Daniel and Shay. I thought they deserved to be on the show. Oh well… Have a great week everyone…stay tuned…Bloggergal1

Double Elimination on Biggest Loser this week!

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Hi Everybody,

This week on Biggest Loser, tensions rise between the players when they find out there will be TWO eliminations this week. This means we will be down to 6 players this week. Who are you rooting for?

I thought I’d share some information I’ve been collecting about weight loss.

**Did you know that a Coldstone Creamery Gotta Have It Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake has 2010 calories????

**You need to take in 47% of your diet in carbohydrates to plan and reach your ideal body weight. Good carbs (fruit, whole grains) deliver lots of appetite-busting fiber and less saturated fat, which is better for your heart.

**You will eat 250 less calories if you are female and you eat with a man than if you eat with your female friends. I can understand that, can you?

**Sniffing coffee beans will slow down your urge to snack–unless you are sniffing them in front of the bakery counter at your local coffee house!

**Drinking 16 ounces of water prior to each meal will help you lose an additional 4 1/2 pounds every three months.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap…Bloggergal1

Biggest Loser Visits Washington DC

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Hi Everybody,
This week’s Biggest Loser starts with Allison telling the contestants that they will take a trip to Washington DC to promote health, fitness and weight loss. At the arrival in Washington, Allison breaks the news that everyone is now playing individually. The first challenge is to get as many people as they can to come to a fitness challenge. Each contestant has to walk around the streets of Washington and convince people to show up that evening for a workout. In the beginning, it looks like the popularity of Daniel and Amanda will help them, but then Allen uses his “ace in the hole” and goes to the fire station and recruits his fellow firemen. Unexpectedly, in the end, Liz manages to come up with one extra person that Allen and wins the challenge.

Next the contestants go to the Capital to talk to a couple of senators about ways to help America get healthier. It just so happens that one of the senators, Senator Casey was from my home state of Pennsylvania. The other senator was from New York. They listen, but I’m wondering what two senators can do to change what has become a sad way of life in our country.

The immunity challenge is divided up into four parts. The first part is jogging/running/walking one mile. The first six to complete this move on to the second part. Since Liz won the fitness challenge, she has a “pass card” that she can use. She decides to hold it for a later part of the competition. Finishing in the top six are Amanda, Daniel, Liz, Rudy, Allen and Rebecca. The second part of the challenge is walking up and down steps, scooping up pennies and placing them in a cylinder. The first four to finish will go on to part three. Liz decides to use her pass card on this one. This automatically gives her a place in the third part of the competition. The top three finishers are Rebecca, Daniel, and Rudy. The third part of the competition is balancing on a small bar while holding a pilates ball over their heads. Daniel drops out first. Second to lose her balance is Liz. Rebecca and Rudy move on to the final competition. This is a pretty straight forward challenge. In front of them is a stair-step and the first one to take 206 steps wins. The number 206 is how many contestants have been on Biggest Loser so far. Rebecca, not surprisingly, beats Rudy soundly. This gives Rebecca immunity for the week.

Next the contestants meet with the White House chefs to prepare a salad from the fresh ingredients that are grown in the White House garden. Is it me, or is that the prettiest, healthiest vegetable garden you ever saw? My veggies are always…well never mind .

I skipped over the last chance workout–sorry, I have so much going on I just don’t have enough time!

First to weigh-in, with immunity is Rebecca. She lost a respectable 4 pounds this week. Shay lost 9 pounds. This puts her under 400 pounds. Tracey lost 3 pounds. Uh-oh. Daniel lost 11 pounds. He’s close to losing over 200 pounds, can you imagine? Allen lost 9 pounds. Wow, that’s another huge weight loss. Danny lost 12 pounds this week. It’s looking like the contestants managed to stay in the zone even though they were traveling. Rudy lost 9 pounds this week. It’s looking bad for Tracey. Liz lost 3 pounds. This puts her below the yellow line. Amanda has to lose more than 3 pounds to stay above the yellow line. Are you holding your breath? She does it losing 7 pounds!!! This puts Tracey below the yellow line with Liz. Please make it be Tracey going home this week, please!

Amanda, Daniel, Danny and Rebecca vote off Tracey. Tracey is NOT the Biggest Loser, thank goodness. See you next week. Thanks for all the love and support! Bloggergal1

Sorry for the Biggest Loser Interruption!

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Hi Everybody,

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to keep you updated for the last two weeks of Biggest Loser! My sister had surgery and then my husband and I took a vacation. We took a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cabo San Lucas. I didn’t see Biggest Loser…but I can tell you all about Biggest Gainer!!! LOL I will try to catch up this weekend. Sorry for the interruption.

Also, if you are new to commenting on this blog, I have to approve it before it will show up. Once I approve one of your comments, your other comments will post automatically. I did update and approve all comments today.

Thanks for your patience! Bloggergal1

Biggest Loser is back to Black and Blue

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Hi Everybody,

As predicted, the contestants are no longer partners. They will be divided into blue versus black–Jillian’s team versus Bob’s team. The catch here is that one contestant will get to pick who goes to which team. The way this will be done is by spinning a wheel of covered dishes. Some of the covered dishes have fattening treats, one has a thousand dollars and one has the coveted “golden ticket”. My first thought was “watch Tracy get it”. Low and behold, she does. It is really hard for me to believe that she won this without help. Coach Mo thinks she has supernatural powers! I don’t want to think that Biggest Loser is controlling this game, but…

The contestants are all very nervous because they don’t trust Tracy and they know she’s playing this game to win. What I don’t understand is why anyone would go to her and ask her for what they want. I would have gone to her and lied and asked for the opposite of what I wanted. It would be worth a shot, right?

The teams are:

Blue (Bob): Tracy, Coach Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, Rebecca

Black(Black): Daniel, Shay, Abby, Danny, Amanda, Dina

Tracy carries on crying and acting like she’s some kind of martyr instead of the biggest biatch in Biggest Loser history. The only reason she chose that way was to divide up the partners to keep them from supporting each other. Of course, everyone is really out to get her.

There is a whole section of the show devoted to Dina not able to jump on a step. Is she not jumping due to not wanting to succeed or can’t she jump up onto that step? Don’t ask me. She doesn’t do it–at least that I saw.

Last night’s challenge reward is a video tape from home. Nice, but not immunity. The teams have to walk a course while carrying a platform with one of their team members on it. The Blue team has all the man power so this is pretty much a no brainer. Tracy knew what she was doing when she stacked her team. The Blue team wins, surprised? Rebecca tries to give Dina her video. Rebecca tells her now get on that step. Dina doesn’t take it because she says she has to “get on the step on my own”. Good for her.

We go through the family videos. The only one we don’t see is Liz. She goes to see Danny and asks him to watch her video with her. But she surprises him with his video instead of hers. That was really nice of her. Liz is such a nice lady.

The last chance workouts are brutal. Well okay, Jillian’s is brutal and Bob’s is hard but nothing like Jillian’s. Jillian’s last chance workout ends with Dina once again trying to jump up on that platform. She’s trying, but no cigar.

Blue team: Tracy lost 7 pounds. Not even her own team is happy! Coach Mo lost 6 pounds. He was injured this week and couldn’t do much in the gym. Allen lost 7 pounds. Rudy lost 8 pounds. Rudy has lost 73 pounds so far. Rebecca lost 7 pounds. Liz lost 8 pounds.

Black team: Abby lost 5 pounds. Dina lost 6 pounds. Amanda lost 6 pounds. Danny lost 10 pounds. Danny has been able to stop taking all his medications. Daniel lost 11 pounds. Shay lost 16 pounds! Wow, that is amazing! I am so happy for her and I am especially happy for the entire black team. The underdogs (supposedly) pulled it off.

The Blue team will go to the elimination room and have to send someone home. Liz has the highest percentage of weight loss so she has immunity. Liz so wants revenge on Tracy and her other team members seem to feel the same way. Coach Mo realizes he hasn’t been able to carry his weight and tells the team that he should be the one to go home. Even though they can’t stand Tracy, they realize she’s stronger and losing more weight than Coach Mo. I can’t stand Tracy but I agree that the team will be better off with her than with Coach Mo. This isn’t about revenge, this is about finding the way to get yourself to the end of this game. Coach Mo is eliminated. I loved this guy and will definitely miss him.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned…Bloggergal1

This week on Biggest Loser…

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Hi Everybody!

It’s Sunday evening, the weekend is winding down and I’m looking forward to a new week and of course a new episode of The Biggest Loser. The promo says that the competitors are divided into two teams blue and black and this leads to one player having control of the game. I know I speak for all of us when I say, PLEASE, don’t let it be Tracy again. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, would you?

With Julio being eliminated last week, we are back to even teams of two each. Of course, we do still have Abby and Tracy not able to compete. I wonder if the division of two teams is just for this week or permanent? It’s getting to be that time where Biggest Loser has to mix things up a bit.

I guess we’ll see on Tuesday! Have a healthy and happy week. Stay tuned…Bloggergal1

Which Biggest Loser Contestant Does Take Out Take Out?

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Good Morning!

Last night’s Biggest Loser started with Shay confronting Tracy about putting her on the scale to represent her team. She told her that she was very hurt that she didn’t honor Daniel’s request to put him on the scale instead. Tracy lied straight to her face and told her she thought she was going to have the higher weight loss. Shay didn’t fall for it though. I think that Tracy’s expressions make her look a bit “out there”. Her eyes get wide kind of like a doe stuck in headlights. I don’t know what she’s thinking half the time.

Tracy meets with the Doctor and he tells her that her muscle injury is worse not better so she cannot workout. This means no walking, no swimming, nothing. Once again Coach Mo has the weight of the team on his shoulders. I wonder if he’s regretting his choice of partners. Although I’m sure he was regretting his choice last week when Tracy pulled all her shenanigans.

Allison breaks the news to the contestants that the kitchen is locked up for the next seven days. She tells them it will teach them how to eat out when they leave the ranch. They have to figure out what are their best choices using menus. To help them Biggest Loser conveniently has a book that shows the contestant’s “swaps”. So in other words, they are using the show to promote their newest book. In the end, Biggest Loser is all about the $$$.

Next up is a challenge. Each team is shown three different chicken dinners. They have to choose which of the three dinners is the lowest in calories. The dinners are pretty similar so its not easy. The orange team, the pink team and the brown team guess correctly. To break the tie, each team must guess how many calories in the lowest calorie dinner. Pink team wins and what a win it is. They win a year’s supply of healthy food. I would love that wouldn’t you? Imagine not having to decide what to buy and not having to pay for it!

The contestants are very careful about what they order when getting their food, but the food doesn’t come the way they requested. For those of us who have ever ordered out, this sounds familiar. But, it was too much so I think it was done on purpose.

Jillian and Bob take the contestants out for dinner to teach them how chose what to eat. They go to a Mexican restaurant. I’m excited because I think Mexican food is very fattening. The chips and salsa arrive at the table and they ask for them to be removed. If something is on the table, you will lose control and eat it. A quick aside, did you catch Jillian wink at Daniel? Anyway, everyone orders their food and Jillian and Bob approve but I didn’t really see them eating anything exclusively Mexican. Papaya salad, ceasar salad, grilled shrimp, etc. were some of the choices. So, in other words, you can’t eat traditional Mexican food if you are trying to eat healthy and not gain weight. Also, once again there is a promo for Biggest Loser’s new calorie counting book. I do think it sounds like a great book to help you if you want to lose weight.

The challenge for immunity has the contestants holding on to a handlebar and hanging on as long as they can. The begin by laying on a platform. The platform moves until it goes from horizontal to vertical. So basically they are hanging by their arm strength. Liz is the first in the water and next is her partner Danny. Amanda drops out next followed quickly by Rudy. Rebecca drops taking the Pink team out of the challenge. Dina is out for the Blue Team. Coach Mo is next to fall. Shay drops but what a boost to her that she hung in there for 10 minutes. Wow! Julio is next to let go. The challenge has come down to Daniel for the orange team and Allen for the green team. Both are very determined to win. Daniel has age on his side, while Allen has arm strength. Allen is first to let go and this means that Daniel and Shay have immunity this week. It couldn’t happen to a better team!

At the last chance workout, Coach Mo is panicked and works out too hard and his back is giving out. He thinks about quitting but Bob talks to him and he heads right back into the gym pain and all. I just love Coach Mo, don’t you?

Time for the weigh-ins. Everybody is worried because they had to order food out every day. With immunity, the orange team is first to weigh-in. Daniel doesn’t lose any pounds and Shay lost 5 pounds. Bob and Jillian think Daniel did it on purpose because he knew he had immunity. If he had water weight, next week it would result in a higher weight loss. I can’t decide if he would do this or not. Other contestants in previous seasons have. The rest of the weight losses are: Allen 7 pounds, Abby 3 pounds, Rudy 11 pounds, Dina 5 pounds, Liz 3 pounds, Danny 8 pounds, Coach Mo 8 pounds, Tracy 4 pounds, Julio 4 pounds, Rebeeca 4 pounds and Amanda 5 pounds. So how did Tracy lose 4 pounds without being able to workout AND eating a complete menu, hmmm? Is my sister correct in thinking that Tracy is a “ringer”? She keeps losing weight even though she can’t do any exercise–we should all be so lucky! So below the yellow line is the brown team Liz and Danny and the black team Julio.

The elimination is going to be tough. All three contestants are such great people and good contestants. No matter who goes it is so sad. I don’t think I can say it enough times that I would love to see the Biggest Loser keep everyone on the ranch for the entire season. The orange team chooses to eliminate Julio. The blue team chooses Liz and Danny. The green team chooses to eliminate Julio. The purple team chooses to eliminate Julio and this is enough votes to eliminate him. I sure hope he can lose the weight at home because he deserves a long, healthy, happy life.

That’s it for today! Have a great Wednesday. Today is my 31st wedding anniversary. I remember when we were first married thinking how far away 30 years of marriage seemed and now we’re past that and heading towards 50! We are very blessed to have each other and such wonderful family and friends. Stay tuned…Bloggergal1

What’s planned for this week’s Biggest Loser?

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Hi Everybody!
This week on The Biggest Loser, the players learn how to order “take out” food because they are denied kitchen privileges all week. A week seems like a long time not to have kitchen privileges. I wonder if they have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner “take out”? We’ll see on Tuesday.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great, healthful week. Some tips to consider:

***If you drink 16 oz. of water before each meal, experts say you will lose an additional 4 1/2 pounds in a three month period. Why? I guess it’s pretty obvious, the water makes you feel full and keeps you from overeating.

***Flaxseed is high in Omega-3 fats. Studies show that omega-3 fats help your body burn more calories and trigger hormones in your stomach that make you feel full longer. Grind up flaxseed and sprinkle it on your cereal or yogurt.

***Sniffing coffee beans can curb your urge to eat.

***A study shows that a woman will eat less and therefore consume fewer calories when she dines with a man than when she dines with her girlfriends. It didn’t say if this worked for men eating with women compared to going out with the guys, but I bet it does. After all when guys go out, they have a tendency to eat junk food and drink beer!

***Finally, a reality check on those fast food favorites. It would not be good if the Biggest Loser contestants chose to order these! A Coldstone Creamery Gotta Have It Peanut Butter and Chocolate shake has an incredible 2010 calories! A Caramel Pecanbun from Cinnabon (yummy–oops sorry!) has 1092 calories. The Smoothie King’s 20 oz. Hulk Strawberry Smoothie is good for you right? After all it’s loaded with healthy strawberries. But, it’s also loaded with 1044 calories! A Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cake Muffin comes in as the light weight but still has 620 calories! You would have to hike for about two hours straight to burn that many calories.

Hope the tips help! I’ll be back with your recap on Wednesday morning. Stay tuned…Bloggergal1

Biggest Loser Tracey Is Power Hungry

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Hi Everyone!

Biggest Loser looked a bit like Big Brother last night with one contestant taking control of the game to insure her own safety. Tracey, without consulting with Coach Mo, “took the bait” and gave up trainers for the week for a two pound advantage at the weigh-in. As you can imagine, this didn’t sit well with Bob and Jillian. Jillian showed her egotistical side when she stated, “We’re like the best in the world at weight loss. Millions of people around the world want an opportunity to spend a day training with Bob and I.” Oh come on Jillian…millions of people around the world?

The physical stress of working out has taken a toll on Abby. She was told by the doctor that she has a stress fracture in her tibia and will have to have her workouts tailored to allow it to heal. Abby, who has gone through tons with the loss of her family, says she’s not going to let a little break ruin this opportunity.

At the food temptation, Tracey once again proves she’s here to win when she eats 4 cupcakes and wins control at this week’s weigh-in. Only one person from each team will get to weigh-in this week and Tracey gets to decide which one. She may think this is a good thing but all the other contestants are not happy with her, including her own partner Coach Mo. Putting such a large target on her back so early in the game is not smart.

This week’s competition involves moving barrels of weight up a ramp. Each team has a choice between carrying a heavy weight a far distance or carrying lighter weights a short distance. Since they must carry the same amount of weight, picking the lighter weights means many more trips up the ramp and picking the heavier weight means less trips but a farther distance. Tracey and Abby aren’t cleared for the activity so their partner’s, along with Julio must do this challenge alone. They will only have to carry half the weight. The race quickly becomes a competition between the green team and the pink team. Both have chosen carrying the lighter weights. Since Abby is hurt, Allen is competing alone and he takes an early lead. The pink team tries as hard as they can, but they can’t quite catch up to him. The green team wins immunity at the weigh-in. This is a big break for Abby because her injury could affect her weight loss this week.

We go through the usual sweat and tears at the workout. Jillian and Bob are pushing the women because they think that Tracey will most likely target them at the weigh-in. Daniel goes to Tracey and asks her to chose him at the weigh-in so that Shay will have a better chance of remaining on the ranch. She doesn’t say yes or no but she looks like she’s going to honor his wishes. But, of course, at the weigh-in, she doesn’t. The pink team also approaches Tracey and Tracey asks them to insure her safety on the ranch by not voting for her if she ends up below the yellow line. Being the nice honest people they are, the pink team doesn’t agree. If they were playing the way Tracey is playing, they would have agreed to anything she wanted and then stabbed her in the back when the time came.

At the weigh-in, Jillian is still really pissed off. She yells at Coach Mo for saying that he supports his partner. She tells him he shouldn’t support her if she’s making bad decisions. Coach Mo is stuck between a rock and a hard place! First on the scales tonight are the green team. They have immunity so it doesn’t really matter, but Abby loses five pounds and Allen loses 4. Next up is Julio, the only member remaining on the black team. He lost 7 pounds this week. The brown team goes up to the scale and Tracey picks Liz’s weight to count. Tracey is definitely showing her true colors. Danny lost 4 pounds and Liz lost 4 pounds. The blue team is next to weigh-in and Tracey picks Rudy to have his weight counted. Rudy loses 12 pounds and Dina loses 3. At first I thought she had something going on with them, but when they showed Tracey’s face she seemed shocked with Rudy’s loss. Tracey picks the pink team’s Amanda’s weight to be counted. Once again, Tracey shows that she only cares about winning and doesn’t care about any of her fellow contestants. Tracey knows that Amanda hasn’t had good weight loss during the first two weeks. Bob really pushed Amanda this week and she lost 5 pounds and her partner Rebecca lost 7 pounds. This keeps the pink team safe. It’s the red team’s turn. Tracey chooses Sean. Sean lost 6 pounds and Antoine lost 11 pounds. This puts the red team in danger of being below the yellow line. Tracey picks Shay for the yellow team. Shay is devastated as are all the other contestants and Bob and Jillian. Shay lost 6 pounds and Dan lost 6 pounds. This puts them below the yellow line. Rebecca flips out on Tracey and tells her to “take responsibility for her actions”. The purple team is the last to weigh-in. Tracey picks herself for the weigh-in. She only needs to lose more than 2 pounds to keep them safe. Every contestant was hoping she didn’t do it. But I really didn’t think it would happen. Of course it didn’t. Tracey lost 11 pounds and Coach Mo lost only 1. The room falls silent. Tracey is definitely the enemy now. So this leaves the yellow team and the red team below the yellow line.

Sean and Antoine immediately decide to sacrifice themselves to give Shay a chance to remain on the ranch. They think that because they have support at home, they will do okay. I don’t think it really matters. I’m pretty sure everyone is going to vote to keep Shay and Daniel on the ranch. That is exactly what happens. It was sad to see Sean and Antoine have to leave but that’s what this game is all about, isn’t it? The very end of the show has an uplifting surprise. Antoine made a connection on the show with the first contestant to be eliminated, Alexandra. It was so cute to see that they are now a couple. Awwww…..

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned…Bloggergal1

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